Crime scene

Crime scene Velox Series
X-rime Velox
Simple to use. Just connect the DSLR to Velox. Also get high-quality images in a short time and anyone can use Velox by oneself.
- Implements optimal conditions for taking the forensic evidence.
- Contains all optimized light sources for taking of fingerprint images, blood stains, and trace evidence.
High-quality fingerprint images on all surfaces such as wall and floor without tripod with Velox in a short time.
Velox (505nm) after fingerprinting with 1,2-IND
Velox (Blue) after fingerprinting with 1,8-DFO
Velox (White) after fingerprinting with Ninhydrin
Velox (505nm) of fingerprint dyed BY40 after CA fumigation
The fingerprint brush with treated charcoal powder without dishevel. The special 5-layer-lifting tape can be gathering non-inverse image. Convenient, transparent and adhesive 5-layer lifting tape for immediate attachment to the investigation report.
Mass disaster
National Fingerprint Registration
Obtain suspect fingerprints