Securing Evidence

ATOS Triple Scan

Whenever a crime has been committed or an accident occurs, the first priority is to collect as much evidence as possible. The circumstantial evidence is documented scientifically so that it can be used to reconstruct, analyze and evaluate the crime or a sequence of events for judicial purposes.

GOM's ATOS 3D digitizer precisely records the actual size and shape of persons or objects and, at the same time, detects deformations of any kind. It then visualizes, analyzes and documents the results. In addition to the precise 3D image, ATOS also records high-resolution color textures.

The technology from GOM can help investigators determine what kind of weapon was used in a crime, how injuries were caused, what shoe matches footprints at the scene, or how specific damage was caused in an accident.

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3D Metrology in Forensic Medicine

3D Scanner ATOS

GOM's metrology systems support non-invasive, three-dimensional documentation and analytical methods


3D Scanner ATOS

High resolution 3D data and color texture of an anatomical model of a torso with removable organs.

사체 증거 보존을 위한 감정

사체의 3D SCAN

사체 손상부위 SCAN

신체 부위 및 부검 증거류 3D SCAN

유해발굴 활용

제주 4.3 사건 유해발굴

3D 형상 보존 및 검사

혜화동 유해발굴(대퇴부, 골반, 하악골)

3D 형상 보존 및 검사

하악골 분석

3D 형상 대칭 분석

2D & 3D 형상 매칭 분석

돼지 머리 가격 실험 (가격 부위 예측 및 3D Merge)

실제 사고 사례 분석

둔기에 맞아 사망한 부위와 그 추정 둔기를 3D SCAN하여 2D / 3D Matching

이빨 자국으로 용의자 치아 표본 검출 후 3D matching 분석

인체 골격 데이터 구축

유골 애니메이션

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