Material Testing & Simulation

Material Properties: Metal Alloys - Polymer Compounds - Composites

ATOS Triple Scan

Optical metrology analyzes the mechanical properties and behavior of all kinds of materials in various test scenarios. GOM's ARAMIS and PONTOS systems can be integrated into existing test environments, test benches and testing machines. The non-contact sensors measure full-field 3D strain and deformation of soft and rigid materials under mechanical or thermal load. Thus conventional extensometers and strain gauges can easily be replaced by GOM's real-time 3D surface deformation analysis systems.

  • In product design, for wall thickness and reinforcements, etc.
  • To fulfill all requirements regarding product safety and reliability
  • To provide long-term benefits by gaining know-how for future projects
  • To provide essential information for calculating realistic models in simulation processes and virtual test programs

Jointing Technology: Gluing, Riveting, Welding

GOM's ARAMIS and PONTOS sensor systems are also used for testing and analysis of joining and bonding techniques such as

  • Tensile test on rivet joints
  • Tensile test on welded joints
  • Shear test on glued joints
  • Improved simulation models for CAE (Computer Aided Engineering)

FEA & Simulation Verification

ATOS Triple Scan

GOM systems and software support the optimization and validation of simulation processes. Improvement of simulation tools and processes builds up long-term knowledge for further projects and results in faster time-to-market.

  • Comparison of simulation with real measuring results (strain, movement, buckling, etc.)
  • Determination of material properties as input for realistic simulation
  • Mesh optimization for finite element analysis including CAD converter
  • Numerical simulation verification

Read more about practical application:

FEA Simulation Verification

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Faster product development through optimized Finite Element Simulation improves sheet metal forming procedures.

Material Testing of Sheet Metal Alloys

3D Scanner ATOS

Determining material properties for new alloys makes car building safer.

Failure Analysis for Riveted Joint

3D Scanner ATOS

Online 3D strain measurement helps visualize the behavior of bonding technologies in lightweight constructions.

Failure Analysis of CFK Glued Joint

Online 3D strain measurement helps to understand the behavior of bonding technologies. Adhesive strength of a glued joint between an aluminum sheet and a CFK sheet is tested in a tensile testing machine.

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