Portable CMM

ATOS Triple Scan

GOM's portable metrology solutions monitor mounting processes on the assembly line. Since results are available immediately, deviations can be detected at an early stage and corrective action taken quickly. Thus plant assembly processes can be improved with process capability studies, training for fitters can be optimized, and scrap and rework times significantly reduced.

Full Surface Analysis

ATOS Triple ScanATOS Triple Scan

During assembly GOM coordinate measuring systems help with fast root cause analysis and pinpointing for solving of functional problems, e.g. 3 dimensional compression of sealings, gap and flush measurement and other problems introduced by assembly processes.

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Portable CMM for Process Optimization on the Production Line

3D Scanner ATOS

Using optical metrology reduces rework time and cuts production costs.

Deformation Analysis of Car Components

3D Scanner ATOS

TRITOP photogrammetric system determines the interactions between body, attached parts and the interior such as changes in gap-width and global warpage of parts of the car body.