Railway Engineering

Train Building Body-in-White

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Manufacturers of modern rail vehicles need to guarantee sustainable mobility over the entire lifetime of their railroad cars. Today's coaches combine attractive design with technical innovation, and deliver optimal operational performance coupled with maximum reliability, availability, maintainability, safety, environmental protection and cost-efficiency. GOM's portable metrology systems support production controls and inspection of repairs and maintenance performed on railroad car bodies. They analyze inspection criteria that include body-in-white leveling to ground and wheel set, wall perpendicularity, and dimensions and distortions for door and window openings. Typically, one person can inspect a rail coach with TRITOP and provide a complete inspection report in less than 2.5 hours.

GOM's TRITOP system handles:

  • Measurement of 3D coordinates
  • Verification against CAD
  • Measurement of dimensions and angles
  • Measurement of standard geometries and mounting elements (threads, cylinders, edges, etc.)
  • Inspection sections

The ATOS full-field 3D digitizer is the system of choice when verification of an entire carriage surface is required.

Quality Control on Train Wagon Bogies

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Another typical application for GOM's TRITOP system is verification of welded bogies for coaches. These swivel trucks are used in many European trains and are assembled at different locations throughout Europe. Therefore, each swivel truck needs to be measured and delivered with a measuring protocol. Using the TRITOP system, one person can typically inspect a bogie and create a measuring report within forty minutes. An automatic evaluation routine aligns the measured data with the nominal data, calculates any deviations, and prepares and prints the final measuring report.

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Quality Control in Train Wagon Building

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GOM's portable TRITOP system speeds up inspection of body-in-white and bogies in railway engineering.


Reverse Engineering for Repair and Overhauls

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Today an intelligent combination of knowledge, experience and craftsmanship is required to make ship construction and maintenance successful, safe and financially viable. Precision and cost-efficiency in the shipbuilding industry can be enhanced with high-end CAD programs and optical measurement systems. GOM's TRITOP digital measurement system supports the rapid manufacturing of spare parts with modern CAD/CAM systems and CNC machines, reducing the time ships spend in dry dock from months to just days. Optical 3D metrology from GOM is used to improve the efficiency and precision of repair and reconstruction work in this sector.

Hull Assemblies and Interior Compartments

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Using GOM's TRITOP system represents not only a major breakthrough in efficient and accurate 3D modeling of hull assemblies. The system measures not only the outside body shell but also generates measurements on small interior compartments that are not readily accessible. Since spaces within the ship's hull are often extremely narrow, obtaining reliable measurements can be a major challenge. However, GOM systems can be used to create a 3D design of the compartment geometry within a few hours. The 3D data is then used as direct input for CAD systems, making units easy to design, build and integrate smoothly into existing compartment structures.

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Optical CMM Shortens Downtime in Shipbuilding from Months to Days

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GOM's TRITOP mobile optical 3D coordinate measurement system helps to reduce the down-time of ships in dry docks from months to just days.

Optical Metrology Revives Traditional Boat Building

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GOM's TRITOP system helps family-owned yacht business relaunch production of traditional wooden boats.