Fuselage & Cabin

CFD Analysis & CAD Comparison

ATOS Triple Scan

Computer simulations are used to optimize aircraft design during the development phase. GOM's ATOS 3D digitizer supplies dense and precise polygon mesh representations of an aircraft's "as built" condition to obtain a realistic matching CFD analysis. The 3D data is also valuable for symmetry checks and for detecting damage to working prototypes, caused for example by hard landings.

Material, Jointing & Component Testing

ATOS Triple Scan

Optical metrology analyzes the mechanical properties and behavior of materials, joints and components. GOM's ARAMIS and PONTOS sensors can be integrated into existing test environments, test stands and testing machines. The non-contact sensors measure full-field 3D strain and deformation of soft and rigid materials under mechanical or thermal load. Thus conventional extensometers and strain gauges can now be replaced by GOM's real-time 3D surface deformation analysis.

FEM Deformation Verification

ATOS Triple Scan

GOM's deformation measurement systems are widely used throughout the aerospace industry to measure and verify deformations in lightweight structures during operation. The systems are easy to integrate into test environments such as climate chambers, wind tunnels, fatigue test stands, etc. In addition, GOM software supports numerical result verification of the captured full-field 3D data.

Read more about practical application:

Deformation Measurement in Climate Chamber of LISA Pathfinder Science Module

3D Scanner ATOS

Distortion measurement of lightweight honeycomb structure on LISA Pathfinder Science Module in climate chamber predicts FEM deformation.

Failure Analysis for Riveted Joint

3D Scanner ATOS

Online 3D strain measurement helps visualize the behavior of bonding technologies in lightweight constructions.

Verification of Numerical Calculations of Buckling Behavior

3D Scanner ATOS

At DLR optical high-speed 3D strain sensors check for buckling in a thin-walled CFRP cylindrical structure under axial compression, torsion and internal pressure.

Surface Verification and CFD Analysis on Space Vehicle

3D Scanner ATOS

Full-surface 3D data optimizes flight and landing tests on a working prototype of NASA's Space Crew Return Vehicle X-38 to bring astronauts safely back to earth in an emergency.